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Food and wine

Siena’s complex cultural history is also manifested through its culinary tradition. Savoring a typical Sienese dish is not only a moment of delight, but also represents the expression of a long history and territorial tradition. Originally of peasant origin, Sienese cuisine has evolved while keeping some authentic flavors intact.

Sienese gastronomy, rooted in the land, offers genuine and tasty dishes of humble origins. Often reinterpreted in a modern key, the gastronomic pleasures of Siena allow you to “taste” the territory and its history.

Here are some examples of Sienese and Tuscan dishes:

Liver crostini: A bruschetta with a creamy sauce with intense flavors, originally prepared with leftover bread and chicken scraps, enriched with butter, saffron and local herbs.

Pappardelle with hare: A typically autumn/winter dish, with minced hare, red wine and, of course, pappardelle.

Ribollita: A peasant soup widespread throughout Tuscany, symbol of its humble origins, prepared with leftover minestrone, toasted bread and garlic, cooked again.

Sienese bruschetta: A simple but tasty appetizer, with Tuscan bread, garlic, tomato, basil, other herbs and olive oil.

Panforte: A world-famous Sienese dessert, originally modest, enriched with spices on festive occasions.

These are just a few examples of Siena’s rich gastronomic offer. The best discovery is by wandering around the center and trying the authentic flavors of Tuscany. In Siena, there are numerous taverns and restaurants where you can savor authentic Tuscan dishes even at a low cost.